Creak, Cure, Dawn

Cain came and he weighed my name against the sun
Rift coal coalescing moon for each deed I’ve down
Dust scratched and chalked a dawn, against a wall
For each tree rock and bird I swallowed whole

And what you need
Is a fading phrase to frame your cheek
And what you’ll see are the sorry sounds
And the way they sink
So I put my knees on the sidewalk
Where the swallow sleeps
And I learned to sing,
Yea I learned to sing from the gallows creak

Swing rough with a cawing tongue
In a mortar sty, place bets when your clamor
Brain will cut the night, into dusk, even, dark, then dawn
Dust scratch and resuscitate now the day is done

And what you heard were the sorry sounds
And they way they were meant to walk
The hollow cross from craw to dirge
And you sold it off, yea you sold it off for a sinecure
You know its worth, you know its worth when a sins a cure

Rest ripe cause your eyelids lie
Theres a place where the trees all died
And let the light, of the sun burn each mark
Into a grin, and put its lips where the brick had rot
And quivered in

Cause what was gone, was the simple shapes your breathe had drawn
And you starred in awe, and the weeks you only filled with hum
And your lungs they sunk, the last plum wisp of a dropping sun
Yeah, your red lights on, your red light screams like a buzzing dawn