2 or more Years ago I played a show in London.  At that show was a good friend of mine, Brian Lobel.

He brought along a friend of his, Athina Kasiou.  Athina is a director, from Cyprus.  She’s studied in London, and New York.  She has an extremely poignant vision, and is also an extremely nice person.

Last November a message popped in the bucket, It was from Athina.  She was creating a version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream in Cyprus, and she want my music to be involved.

This involved some tricky timing, mostly how to get me to Cyprus, for a month, just after the release of Salt Year, and smack between two long and/or arduous tours.

The timing was less then desirable, but to be honest, well worth it.  I was/am to fly out the day after Salt Tour finish, and return to michigan 3 days before our Soltice Tour through the east, and top of the south.  Not a lot of room for error, rest, or reflection, but alas, I’m here to write, sing, and travel.

So, the morning after the Salt Tour finished, I awoke far to early for what had just taken place. I drove the van back to Warren, raced back in my shit box car to the house, picked up laundry, stopped at the bank, did a quick load, took a photo for the cover of the metrotimes, pulled my passport out of the stack of mail that had pilled up while I was gone, packed a few pedals and clothes, and hopped in Grahams car to be driven to the airport.  No rest for the wicked.

Athina’s vision is inspired by the images of Tim Walker, heavily focused on the ideas of dream, fairy tales, and the fantastic.  From what I understand the play takes place in two locations, A building and a lemon grove.

I also understand the sets are remarkable, custom made room treatments for each scene.

There are to be 11 performances, and I have just over a week to write and record music and do some sound design work specifically for the performance, this is inspiration under pressure.

I am walking into this with one Idea: Musical dissonance to reflect conflict.

…on to 2 days of plane.