#SaltTour Day 1: 4.21.11 The Blind Pig, Ann Arbor

There’s this thing that happens on stage, when your hands are moving, and words are coming out of your mouth, you can feel notes reverberating in your throat. In that moment you are so far within yourself, that it feels as though the shell of your body is on autopilot, and your brain suddenly clicks you back into where you are, and what you are doing.  I call them brown outs, when the intensity of a moment snaps you deep within yourself, then right back in what seems like month long journey of thoughts crammed into a single verse. That was the majority of the evening for from behind my eyes at the blind pig.  So many happy faces, so many friends, all crammed into the blind pig for such a joyous moment as the Ann Arbor release of Salt Year.

I woke up early to cook breakfast for those still slumbering (minus the ever early riser Kevin Killen, aka psycho jones) who in our time at SXSW, and beyond is the only other early riser musician I’ve encountered. It’s quite enjoyable to have someone to meditate the early mornings with, especially one of such caliber as Kevin. I also have the pleasure of having him drum for me on this tour, as well as our jaunt to SXSW.  He’s a superlative musician, drums being one part of his many musical talents.

By the time rehearsal was finished it was time to load up and head into A2, a long soundcheck and a birthday meal at The Old Town, a blink later and it was show time.

Samantha Crain was joined on stage by Mathew Milia of Frontier Ruckus for the on stage version of her song Sante Fe.  For me personally this was one of the highlights of the night, as that song has literally made me burst into tears before.

Hezekiah Killed it as usual, the live version of Canon Ball particularly was striking. Phil D’Agostino’s upright bass was booming.

Jackie Garet has been taking photos of the whole crew during our time together, and I’ll be inserting them into each day’s posts.

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