#SaltTour Day 2: The Strutt, Kalamazoo

Let me set the scene for you:

The Strutt is filled with a large semi circle of standing/sitting Kalamazooeans. Hooting when Samantha Crain takes the stage.  Once the clatter of applause stops, there is no noise.  There is a room full of people, despite the influence of alcohol and the company of what I assume to be close friends, there is nothing but attention, directed entirely at Samantha.  She proceeds to pull them into her world and keep them their for her entire set, including an entirely acoustic un-amplified sing along.  Crain set the vibe for the night, and it was full of attentiveness and energy from those crowded in the pleasantly back lit Strutt.

The Strutt is a jack of all trades venue.  They roast their own coffee, they have a fine selection of great local beers, and their food is cooked by what I assume to be very brilliant hippies who balance flavor and nutrition with the care of a monk.  It’s one of my all time favorite venues to play, and one of the best places to hang out in Kalamazoo. They also have a in house recording studio and record label that is beginning to flush itself out into a very important entity with artists like The Go Rounds, and Fiona Dickinson carrying their mark.

The stage was still warm that night from The Go Rounds CD release party the week before, but Kalamazoo still had enough energy to make our night extra special.  Many thanks for the amazing sound that night, and to the extremely focus crowd.  There is nothing so satisfying as knowing the entire room is listening to everything you are singing, and to every note you splay out into the ether.

Again, there are two updates from Mostly Midwest from this show: photos & video