#SaltTour Day 3: Founders Brewery, Grand Rapids

After a long night at The Strutt, we were blessed enough to stay at The Muse, a house with ample floor space for our raucous party of 12.  Those who live there treated us extremely well, and we are forever grateful for such gracious hosts.  Though, this day did not provide the joys of lingering in the Pinckney lake haus as the days prior.  Most of us had retreated near 4am to the upper floors of The Muse, to rest our weary souls to the low hum of a Beatles sing along downstairs on Cajon, Piano, and Guitar. The joyous voices of Elizabeth Pixley Finck and Samantha Cooper sneaking their way up through the floorboards.

We had to rise early to make it to Grand Rapids for several Promo stops.

The first being a Halfway House Session

Tucked away slightly off the beaten path lies a quaint little house that is set up like a recording studio bomb shelter.  Beautiful natural light, great control room, great sound treatment, with such care taken in mic placement to impress our resident studio engineer, and bass player Keith Kinnear.  The specific incident being a slightly old school arrangement of two AKG 414′s I’d rather have Keith describe, however he was impressed.  For those who don’t know, Keith engineered the sessions that brought about a bonus track for Salt Year called “Holy Storm”, as well as the studio version of Big Ghost that will show its face sometime within the next year.  Among work with this outfit, he’s also responsible for recording Graham Parsons’ solo record “Farmhand”, and This is Deer Country’s album “What Wandering Heart”.  In this instance though, he was only observing the dedication of those running Halfway House.

Towards the end of the session, we were run in shifts to the amazing Grand Rapids radio station WYCE for a few songs from myself, Hez, and Crain.

Once Halfway finished up, we loaded in epically early at Founders.

Founders not only makes some of Michigan’s best beer, it also houses a pleasantly backdropped stage and extremely professional sound man by the name Josiah.  With such a long night both behind us and before us, the crew meandered up to the founders office for much needed rest.  I sat in my car and read a few chapters of Bill Brysons “A Walk in the Woods”, then dozed off for a few hours. In hindsight it must have looked like I had a indulged in too much founders early in the day to those passing by me.  Though, if I walked past a guy asleep in a car parked on the curb outside of founders I would have thought the same thing.

For Founders, we had the pleasure of having Graham Parsons (of The Go Rounds, and guitar player for the Bathgate outfit) open the evening.  He played Idle, the first track off The New Go Rounds record, that was thankfully captured by Mostly Midwest.  Graham is has mixed bag of super talents I’ll wait to wax on extensively.  For now, you can see for yourself here.

The highlight of this evening was Hezekiah Jones’ set for me, with extremely tasteful solos done by his entire crew of Jones’ the energy in was unstoppable.

Another highlight of this evening was both a pleasant and dire one.That highlight being the fact that we sold out of Salt Years entire first pressing on this night.  This is joyous, as it breaks some personal records, but puts us in a bizarre situation where we are uncertain if we will be able to get our second pressing in time for other dates on tour.  Some promotional remainders have been shipped to the Up Front and Company for our show there on April 26th (the day Salt Year is available in stores), and beyond that we have word that the factory that pumps them out may be able to ship a rush order to us in time for Calumet.  So fortunate, and unfortunate.  A blessing with a edge.


Mostly Midwest posted some great footage of Hezekiah Jones: Here