#SaltTour Day 4: Easter Sunday

The morning was split.  Some of the crew slumbered, and idled around the house I imagine.  Myself, Jeremy Quentin (Small Houses), and Samantha Crain all ended up at Back Seat Productions for some recording sessions, JQ is finishing up a full length that hosts some of the fine sounds of Samantha Crain, Graham Parsons and Andy Caitlin (The Go Rounds) as well as Kevin Killen and Phil D’agnostino of Philadelphia. I was laying vocals/guitar/banjo down on Nervous But Excited’s new album whose title is yet to be determined.

After we made it back to the house, Graham spearheaded a massive cooking operation which beget a delicious easter feast.  My dear friend Joe brought a crew with him as well out to the house along with what I would describe as a perfect ham.

R, R, & R.

The folks lingered to the late evening with a bonfire, as I headed to detroit.