#SaltTour: Day 7, Macs Bar, Lansing

We had a casual morning in Mt Pleasant, mostly spent at Kaya Coffee taking care of looming work on the internet, and enjoying in their fine fair.  We loaded into WDBM The impact around 4 for a Radio Session.  No Silver had been playing on the station for a while and was up for #1 that day at five.  Our timing was right and we got the chance to perform it live for the WDBM audience.  Many thanks to the staff of WDBM, specifically Autumn Maison who I got the chance to speak to during our SXSW Jaunt.

You can watch our in-studio performance of No Silver here

We loaded into Macs Bar shortly thereafter, and some of us headed to The Fleetwood for a quick bit before the show.  A table of seeming annoyed folks actually purchased our table a plate of Saganaki, which i had no idea The Fleetwood even had.  The gesture was much appreciated, though it’s intention is unclear in my mind.  I’m not sure if our crass pre meal ramblings deserved it…

One Image cuts through all from this show, and that is the technical difficulty that Samantha Crain had to deal with during her set.  Apparently a loose XLR cable on her DI cause her Guitar to cut out completely several times during her set.  While from her perspective it must have been terribly frustrating but to see her lean out to the audience and continue her songs acoustic was extremely enigmatic and moving.  Somehow the energy changed.

The Hez Crew killed it as usual, but something was different for everyone tonight, not sure what… everyone had a hum about them, and the crowd was on our side for sure.  It’s a glorious feeling to have people know the songs off all three acts on a bill, especially when two of them are from more then an hour south.  Lots of folks singing along with Hezekiah Jones under their breath.

I have to say, so far this was my favorite set to play on the #salttour the young bucks did an amazing job, and it felt very, very nice to blast those songs into the ether of Lansing.

Unfortunately, our resident salt tour photographer had a mishap in Munising, left a camera bag sitting on the street, let’s hope it comes back to her…

Jeff Anusbigian purchased the last available copy of the first pressing of Salt Year.  We had 20 promo’s shipped to us and they went quick.  Can’t thank folks enough!