#SaltTour, Day 9, Good Work Collective Gallery, TC

We rode gingerly back down to the Lower Peninsula to Traverse city, a long drive, but nothing in comparison to what we had just been through.  We loaded in just in time.  The show was taking place in a new space but together by the industrious Sam Porter (Porterhouse Productions).  We were treated extremely well by all, and for a show added fairly late to the Salt Tour we had a great, and appreciative crowd, including a standing ovation.

Samantha Crain’s Grandparents live in Traverse City, so it was a joy to meet them, she played a wonderful set as well, Hez and crew brought to mind that the stage was rather small for the five piece, seeing the four of them in close quarters…we crammed up there on that tiny stage and had a blast.

James Weston posted a video of No Silver from this show here. Many thanks!

After the show we were graced to stay with Alex Difiglia, on the beautiful Traverse Bay.

The whole crew enjoyed this respite, the evening was spent letting loose, and enjoying the night breeze off the bay.  There was one failed Ouiji board attempt.

That morning we spent enjoying the warming waters of Lake Michigan, some Qigong, and the bounty of Oryana, TC’s beautiful Coop.  We stop by Good Work quickly to pick up some seedlings we’d left there the night before, a gift from Grahams parents for the Lakehaus, and to be treated to ice cream by Sam Porter.  Many thanks Sam, you made our Traverse City stop wonderful!

Jackie Garret snagged some disposable photos… here.