The Salt Year Release Tour


The Salt Year Release Tour is imminent. The house is filling up. The shelves are stocked. The cots are set out. Every blanket in the house is awaiting the slumber of some dream filled post show head.

Last night was the unofficial start with a talk at U of M’s “How I Write” Series

Held in U of M’s North Quad building, which was formally The Frieze building
where in 2005 I had a release show for what is in some eyes my first full length, “Silence is for Suckers”.  That show had 17 performers to recreate the album in full, in addition to video projections for each song.  Footage from that performance was included in a video installation held on the premises before the old building was torn down, to make way for the new North Quad.

Katie lee (Ann Arbor), Hezekiah Jones (Philadelphia), and I all had a chance to engage a small crowd in stories, and thoughts on songwriting, and perform one in context of what we were speaking about.

My thoughts: Catalysts, Limitations, Greatest Fears, and the musical representation of impending deadlines all collapsing upon me leading to the writting of “borders”.

At some point in the near future we will post a video of this informal waxing on the holy art of songwriting.

Post Talk the whole crew headed to WCBN for an in studio on the local music show, many thanks to those listening to us singing into the ether.

Tonight marks the first show on this leg, The Blind Pig, Ann Arbor MI.

We’ve got several outputs for stories, videos, photos on this leg of touring.
The first is here, I’ll be writing entries as well as one of out tour photographers Jackie Garret.  The other is through  Feel free to check in on both to be close to the story.

Thanks for following along,