#West Ghost: Woodruff’s, Ypsilanti MI

It’s official.  We are back on the road.


It’s been an extremely long and hard year of knocks and bumps. Regardless
of how we feel about the way things are heading, we’ve got to keep our thick skin.
So the armors on, and we crammed in a van again, prepared for a extremely
busy 38 days.  A mix of venues, house shows, and a epic drives lay before us.



Mostly Midwest has done a great write-up on our little Jaunt, and details some of the
many charming qualities of my supporting crew.

You can read that here.


This tour was kicked off proper with a hometown show, which was pleasantly mobbed with a healthy mix of old and new faces, a personal record breaker. For that I thank you Ypsi!


This show was especially fun because we were lucky enough to have a stellar lineup: Alex Silver, Chain of Lakes, and the superlative Matt Jones.

Alex Silver has been a long time local favorite of mine.  His music seems to be some combination of nick drake finger rolls, Jim Harrison, and steam from a hot toddy.  This particular set was a bit more electric, pulsing, and charged then previous performances I had caught.  Overall, it was a treat to see him and his crew put a stinger in the songs and let it wash over the already packed house. Every time I’ve seen Alex perform he always delivers his songs with a honesty that I find uncommon in most.  Alex doesn’t just go through the motions, he croons his heart out.  It’s quite refreshing.

Chain of Lakes (Grand Rapids) was a nice surprise.  I find that occasionally its a difficult scene at woodruffs if the audience doesn’ t know you personally, but these gents seemed right at home.  Great songs, Great lead guitar, ducks in the water.

I’m biased when it comes to Matt Jones. He’s a long time friend, co-worker, bandmate, and a person I consistently seek life advice from. He crushed it.  It’s rare that a man fueled by ginger ale and armed with only an acoustic can command in such a way, alas, genius.  Perhaps I shouldn’t be so consistently wow’d with that knowledge, but I am, and continually expect to be.

The entire night was bursting with well wishes and hugs, I can’t thank you enough Ypsi.

We’ll see you again on New Years Eve, at what everyone is already talking about… Mittenfest.