#westghost, Founders, Grand Rapids

We left ridiculously late.  Everyone had last minute things to put to bed before the long journey.

House was locked up, van got crammed with instruments, sleeping gear, poetry books, power, hippie snacks and the like.  We pulled up just in time to catch the last half of Strawberry Heritage”s set.  A new project from the works of John Hanson.  Some of you may know him from the his former group The Photographers.  Johns voice cut the through the airlane hanger that is founders.  A huge room, and chocked full during their set.  Its nice to see someone who you respect drop something brand new.  For those of you in the Grad area, keep an eye out for him, he’s an asset to any scene.

We had the privelage of seeing matt jones play with a full band this night.  He’s backed in full by Chad Pratt (Morsel/Midwest Product), Serge Van der Voo (Orpheum Bell), and Greg Mcintosh (Great Lakes Myth Society).  The contrast between matt solo sets and full band sets are fairly severe. Though the soft moments carry through they are dropped between loud and pulsing waves that get people moving in a way you wouldn’t expect.  Always a moving experience with this conglomeration.

We stayed with John, which was quite cozy and were treated a great breakfast.  Though breakfast was served at Marlee’s house, a few doors down.  The scene we walked into that morning was great.  Sweet smells wafting out of the house, a huge box of fabric on the floor with people cutting and glueing their hearts out, and a women spinning yarn and singing quietly, all set in the sunlight front room of a sleepy grand rapids home.

An amazing afternoon all in all.  Onto Chicago.