#westghost Fulton Market, Chicago Il

We rolled into Chicago and the sun was already set.  We arrived early and killed an easy hour at the Sip Cafe.  A quick dive into the internet or books, and then over to Fulton.

The Fulton Market Concert Series is filmed event.  Its essentially a loft concert with audio and video captured for posterity, content, for the those hungry for the intimate and occasionally awkward moments of a private concert.  Fulton Market Concert Series brings that straight to your laptop.

We were treated very well by hosts Olivia and Joel.  Both of whom capture image in some way.  Olivia is a professional photographer, Joel’s expertise is video.  The crowd was a nice mix of strangers and friends, sipping wine in the soft glow of a loft in a meat packing and shipping district of central Chicago.

I’ll addend this post when Fulton Market Concert series post some video from our performance.

For now, many thanks to those in attendance, and to Olivia and Joel.