#westghost: The Strutt, Kalamazoo

The Strutt is always a pleasure.  With two band members having spent significant amounts of time there (as well as our merch touring mate Kayla) it always feels like a hometown crowd.  I’ve played Kalamazoo for years.  I recall playing the now ghost Kraftbrau for what seemed like an eternity of Sundays. The Strutt has definetly outshined those charmed days. I always look forward to performing there.

One of the best things about Kalamazoo is that it is currently home base of Steven Holmes, curator and main kicker for Mostly Midwest. We had the privilege of his presence at our show.

Opening the show was George Worthmore, a new york gem.

Followed by a Matt Jones solo set, you can view moments from it here.

and a few from our set: here

It’s always a privelage to be filmed by someone who listens so intently to the Midwest.  Steve has a treasure trove of documentation about the Michigan music scene.  More then anyone.  His perception of what is going on in this state must be sharp as a tack.

Post show we had the pleasure of staying at Miss Muse for a few days. The kind offering of local music supporters, and friends.  The crew was split for most of our time in kalamazoo.  Everyone went back to work at their own lives for a much needed spell.   I had the chance to record a little at Double Phelix. A studio home to the recent works and work of Ben Lau, Andy Caitlin, Elk Welcome, The Go Rounds, Graham Parsons, and I’m sure many more.  A community hub for them creatively, and the birthplace of what already seems to a mass of superlative tracks.  They host a monday night collaborative session.  You can see some footage of it here.

Afterword, a wonderful spaghetti dinner cooked by Graham.  An early night, and some well needed rest before we left the state for the next month.

We headed into the gray of Illinois the next morning.